Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Removing Weeds

Weeds hurt your lawn. If you are looking to cultivate a lush, green lawn, then you have to work hard, whether pre- or post-emergent, to remove and reduce weeds. They suck up water and nutrients that your lawn needs to grow. Weeds grow tall and throw off the look of your lawn, while shading the shorter grass and preventing it from getting sunlight. Weeds do not help your grass to grow thickly.

My guess is you have some digital weeds, too. Emails that clog your inbox (hopefully not these posts) and prevent you from getting anything valuable. Apps that sit on your phone and you never use.

I noticed tonight that I was getting restaurant ads from two independent restaurants in the city where we used to live. In no way were those two ads relevant or helpful to me anymore. Rarely would I find myself in a position to eat at those restaurants, and less likely would I need the weekly special that particular week. Their two emails were inbox weeds.

I love apps, too, on my Android phone. That said, I rarely go through and audit or delete apps off of my phone, even when they don't work the way I wanted them to. Last week I deleted four.

The power to delete is strong, and needs to be used more frequently if we are trying to cultivate better communications. Weed out junk email that you don't need. Eliminate the unnecessary Twitter individuals you are following but you can't remember why. Remove three apps on your phone. Do it right now. I can wait.

OK, what did you remove? Tweet me and let me know.

Photo credit: eacuna via Pixabay