Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Multitasking Without Multitasking

We all have much to get done. If we didn't, I would not spend as much time as I do writing about productivity and how to accomplish goals. Then again, maybe that's just my projection as I try to do a ton of things and assume you do, too. And often, that crammed schedule may cause us to stray into what was once considered a valuable activity: multitasking.

I mean, with so much to do, it makes sense to work on multiple things at once, right? Wrong.

"But I'm good at multitasking," you might say. You're wrong. But don't believe me, go read a fun article by a neuroscientist from MIT (Earl Miller) explaining how your brain is wired against it. Multitasking will kill your productivity, from the inability to actually finish tasks to the wasted effort switching between them, to the lack of ability to focus and follow problems to creative rather than reactive solutions.

I'm terrible at multitasking, anyway, as something always gets dropped on the floor. Here are a few things I try to do instead.

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