About Me

Here's some stuff you may or may not want to know about me:

I grew up in suburbia in Alabama, moved to Texas for college, and stayed here. Throughout my career and various internships or jobs, I have worked in consulting, telecommunications, law offices, banking, food production, nuclear power, and fast food. Currently, I'm in telecom with a primary focus on process and system improvement.

Once upon a time I wrote some articles that got published in WebMonkey. That got me hooked on writing. Or at least the paychecks they sent me did. My articles got republished hundreds of times in several languages.

Nowadays, I am writing mostly my opinions on business and management topics. You can find quite a few of those opinions here on this blog. In the meantime, I'm also working on a couple of book ideas along the same lines. I figure with almost twenty years' experience in all different kinds of business environments, I have a pretty good understanding of several things that work and several that don't work. And the stuff I don't have a good understanding of, I'd love to research and figure out.

I live in Dallas with my awesome wife and cool daughters, all of whom help me to be a good person, which is much better than just being an opinionated internet personality.

If you want to read random thoughts of mine that may be more focused on Baylor football, beer production and/or consumption, or perhaps just additional nuggets of info, go follow me on Twitter. Otherwise, you can contact me here and subscribe to the blog so you can get it via email instead of coming to visit every day. Whatever works for you.