Monday, January 15, 2018

Looking Back at 2017

Annual review posts tend to get a little bit self-indulgent or serve as a navel-gazing exercise, but still, they are a good way for me to take stock in what I did over the past year. For you, they may be totally boring and you might skip this in the feed or click delete in your email. But it might also give a little behind-the-scenes view into what's been going on that you might be interested in, so I'll go through it and you can choose your path.

On the whole, 2017 was a long year, and for many, a trying one. In my review of 2016, I talked about how I felt like 2016 dragged, but in the end, it almost seemed like 2017 was twice as long.

Granted, we didn't lose as many cultural icons, it seemed, as we did in 2016 (though I will miss Tom Petty, for sure). But we did see a cultural change in our landscape, primarily fueled by social media. My twitter feed, for example, has become more and more political, which at times can be fatiguing just to read. Though much of that is of my own doing as I have been searching for more and more information on various topics and end up following more and more influencers.

So how'd I do in 2017 across my various projects? I'd probably give myself a C or C+ overall. I got a good bit done, but not necessarily in all the areas I wanted to. Let's dive through each area.

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