RSS Feeds

Since all these sites are not "neatly" interrelated, I've started working on a set of feeds so you can subscribe once and get as much content as you would like.

Individual Site Feeds:

Individual feeds are available for several of my websites and the content contained in that sub-category.  You can subscribe individually to any of the following: - The main website with various site updates and news. - The official blog with my thoughts on everything from football to politics to podcasts to random YouTube videos I enjoy and more.

Cameron's Writing Journal - Where I talk about what I am writing, what I am not writing, and what I think about things related to writing.

Cameron's Garden Journal - Find out when I am doing yardwork. Check in on Texas gardening tips and plants I like.

Cameron's Poems - Random poems from years gone by and new ones in random intervals, sometimes weekly.

Beer+Wine - My reviews of beers, wines, and occasional liquors. Full of interesting words and numbers describing barley, hops, water, and yeast.

Cameron's Brew Journal - Recipes for brewing beer at home in a variety of styles. Also includes updates about my participation in brewing competitions.

Yahoo! PipesTM Aggregate Feeds:

Using Yahoo! PipesTM as an RSS aggregator,  I have been able to create a few different combination feeds, which offer the ability to get more than one of my sites or web updates in a single subscription.  The upside of this is you only have to subscribe once, and you can get as much content as you want in a single, organized feed.  The downside is that while all article links will take you to the source, the actual title link of these feeds on your site or aggregator will take you to the Pipes page I have created specifically for that feed.  Still, you might find this an easier way to subscribe and get content.

Site and Blog Feed
- Contains all updates from,, and the Writing Journal.

Complete Site Feed - Contains all updates above plus Garden Journal, Brew Journal, Poems, and Beer + Wine Reviews.

The Insane Cameron Overdose Feed - Contains all updates above plus Twitter Feed, Blockbuster Recent Rentals and Queues, and I might throw extra stuff in here.