Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting MORE Stuff Done

So, two weeks ago, I challenged you to get one thing done every day. Did you do it? If not, start there and get one thing done a day for 2 weeks. You should be able to list for yourself fourteen (or more) things that you accomplished. I did a few more than fourteen, but the key is making sure to finish something every day.

Now once you have made it through two weeks of getting something done every day, it's time to up the ante. I know this is going to sound very difficult and completely impossible, but...

do two things every day.

That's right, in order to boost your productivity, I am radically challenging you to double your quota, a full 100% increase in your workload. For a full month. But the honest truth is, I am only asking you to do two things in a day. Two things that move the needle in your world, whether at work or at home. Two things that once you finish, you won't have hanging over your head for tomorrow.

I know this pace can't continue. We are only capable of so much, and it is unfair to think I can double expectations of you (here's a hint: while this is the only time I'll double those expectations in a single day, the expectations may still double before the year ends). I still think that two things from your to-do lists per day are within your capabilities.

Things to keep in mind over the next month:

  • You have to do two things every day. You can't pay it forward or backwards. The important goal we are trying to reach is consistency.
  • You can start with more than two items on your list every day. But you need to have at least two.
  • If you want to get really aggressive, plan the two things the day before.
  • If you are having trouble deciding which two items to do, select either the one that appears the hardest or the one that provides you the most benefit.
  • You did one thing a day for fourteen days. Two things a day for thirty days is really nothing.
  • You should already have a habit of doing something every day, so this is really just a little boost.
In a month, we'll see how you are doing. Or you can let me know how it is going in the comments.