Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy New Year

By cbaquiran on Pixabay
It's not New Year's Eve, and I did not get the scheduler off on this post. Sunday was my birthday (and a good one at that).

Having a birthday, though, always makes me just a little introspective (in between deciding where to go for dinner and reading all of the people that were kind enough to wish me happy birthday on Facebook). It is a unique time to think about goals for the next year and how to achieve them.

For a goal to be reasonable it needs to be achievable. The goal has to be something that you have the control to make happen, regardless of all others. Sure, we all set goals or resolutions on December 31. How many other times throughout the year do you review those goals, and/or set new goals for ourselves?

In order to accomplish what you desire, you must set goals that are achievable, and then put into action a plan to accomplish the goal. Otherwise, you are staring at dreams instead of goals. Dreams have a place in our lives to inspire. Goals have a place to make us achieve.

So when do you set new goals?