Monday, June 22, 2015

Be Nicer, Jerk.

At times, every one of us lets our world become the universe. We think about everything through our filter and assume everyone is exactly like us and reacts exactly the same way as we would. But the truth is that everyone is different. And when we are focused solely on our little world or universe, we miss the opportunity to help out those that help us. In fact, we risk letting our complaints about our world spill over to make us jerks in theirs. That's not a great thing.

Here's a general rule for you: be nicer to people than you currently are. Especially those that support you in the company. Most will treat the boss with respect, as it's considered just "doing the job." But when it comes to your employees or those in less of a leadership role than you are, then it is also extremely important to keep the respect level high when working with them. Those individuals help make you succeed and being a jerk to them earns you no loyalty.

If you are nice to people, a few things might happen.

  • People might help you back - The nicer you are, the likelihood that someone helps you  when you need it grows
  • You can gain support - The more people you have a good relationship with, the more will support you when you need it
  • You start to feel happier - It is really difficult to resist being happy when you are trying to show that happiness to others.
  • You can build your "tribe" - There's lots of talk about tribes, but do you think that you can build one being a jerk? People don't like to follow or hang out with jerks.
So, you can maximize your happiness and productivity all in one swoop, but it all starts with a simple decision to move forward and to be nice to others on the journey.

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