Thursday, June 25, 2015


I listened to an interesting conference call tonight. It was a coaching call on how to be a better coach. But the first part (before we got to the real meat) was about graciousness and thankfulness, and that made me think about what it means to be satisfied.

Satisfaction gets a bad rap - it comes across as lazy or unwilling to push the limits. Those that are merely satisfied are presenting one more argument to the arbitrary math magic.

But being satisfied with yourself and where you are in life is not a bad trait. It is not a bad state of mind. Rather, satisfaction is deciding that where you are is really good enough for you. It is one key to being happy, to divest yourself from the need to compete or keep up with everyone else. You don't really need to make more money, do you?

Are you still looking around at everyone else to determine whether or not you are successful? Take a minute and think about everything that you have and how thankful you are to have it. What's are you most thankful for? Let me know and I'll follow up with you.


Photo credit: Hans on Pixabay