Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's The Matter With Kids Today?

Thanks to a couple of my coworkers, I was able to participate in leading a class during the take-your-child-to-work day at our office yesterday. We worked with over 90 kids to walk them through an exercise to help them understand what we do at work and how that operates to improve the business.

The takeaway for the kids was learning about efficiencies and automation and how systems can help improve job performance. The takeaway for me was that our children are smart. They ask questions. They may even challenge our worldview in a unique way. Unprompted, our group of ten- and eleven-year-olds who were playing the role of "customer" started chanting in unison demanding better service when the demonstration started revealing inefficiencies.

Our groups of kids asked some great questions and came up with some innovative ideas on how to make the process better and more efficient. So when people ask what is wrong with kids today, my answer is nothing. The kids today are resourceful, intelligent, and challenge us to be better versions of ourselves.They are tomorrow's leaders. Help them be even better at it than we are.