Friday, August 7, 2015

Your Moment of Zen

So, if you are strictly keeping count at home, today is the day that would be the next step in the productivity path to getting a ton of things done. I hope you have made it and are ready. But I am going to postpone that post until Monday.

Last night I watched Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show. I remember when he started on the show thinking that he could never rival what Craig Kilborn did with the show (spoiler alert: I was definitely surprised to see Kilborn cameo on the finale).
He did quite a bit more. More than my expectations, sure, but more than anyone's expectations, I would say. The parade of stars that came through the show on his watch was amazing to see, from Colbert to Bee to Wilmore to Cenac to Gad to Black to Schall to Carell to Helms to Munn to Madrigal to Riggle to Corddry and Corddry to Jones to Hodgeman to Wilmore to Mandvi to Bakkedahl to Oliver to several that I still left out.

It says more to me in the sixteen plus years the number of megastar careers Jon Stewart launched than what he did himself. If you think about your own career, how many people have you propelled to equal or exceed what you could achieve yourself? That's your measure of success.

Have a great weekend.