Friday, September 18, 2015

Blogger's Toolkit: Prepopulated Tweets

So, partially because I like building things and partially since I am always in need of something to make my own life easier, I built this. What is it? It's a form that lets you auto-generate your own "Tweet This" links with pre-populated Tweets. I may get a little fancier with it over time, but for now, it does exactly what it is asked. You put what you want that prepopulated Tweet to be in the first box, and you can generate code and a test link that you can use for you blog or wherever else you have HTML in need of prepopulated Tweets. Enjoy!

Create your own "Tweet This" message
Don't forget to include your Twitter @username and a link to your content!

Test the Link:

If you like this tool, please bookmark the page and come back. And feel free to share with your friends using (you guessed it) this handy prepopulated tweet.