Monday, September 28, 2015

What's Your Favorite Way to Waste Time?

The Fall television schedule has started up, with new shows like Blindspot and The Muppets now rapidly filling up my DVR to capacity. In these first few weeks of the season, we try out several new shows and get hooked on a few. While there are several we won't like after a couple of episodes and several that will get cancelled, for these first few weeks, we watch those as well, sucking up a bit more time than we would normally give to the television.

Luckily, television can be a background white noise to writing sometimes, and it does not have to dramatically get in the way of work or productivity (though it can also be an excellent time waster and procrastination engine). Still, sometimes, I imagine what all I could get done if I never watched any television at all. Then I realize that I would just find another time waster to get in the way.

So my answer? Moderation. Ah, the old trope of "everything in moderation" may cause you to chuckle, but when it comes to time wasting devices, you will find one that fits your need. So my advice is to accept it, but keep it in check. Make sure you do your work first, or tune it out while you focus on your laptop. Whatever it is, control it and don't let it control you.

What go-to waste of time do you have when you procrastinate? How do you work around it?

Image credit: Unsplash via Pixabay