Monday, November 2, 2015

Starting Anew

Starting new projects always excites me. The potential that the new project has to be something great, the allure of learning along the way, and the anticipation of change from whatever path I had been previously walking all give a thrilling boost of confidence to the beginning of a new challenge.

Somewhere along the way, the shiny newness fades and the project transforms into real work. At that point, you may be tempted most strongly to abandon the project and start another new initiative. Doing so only guarantees that you fail to finish the first project.

The middle is the most important part. In the middle, you press on against the odds, against your judgement, against the fear of failure, and you move closer, inch by inch, towards the end.

You will know you are at the end when everything feels like it races downhill towards the finish line. You can not only see the end in sight, but you can see the end growing closer and closer, and more inevitable than ever.

Then, you can start something new.