Monday, December 28, 2015

How To Spend Your Last Week of 2015

It's here! The last and final week of the year 2015. If you work in a corporate environment, chances are your office looks a little like a ghost town this week. When I was younger, I used to love working the last week of the year as the general office drama was lower than any other point, and I could focus and get some things done. But what to do? As the clock winds down, try a few of these activities over the next couple of days.


Got a project nagging you from two weeks ago? How about those expense reports that need to get filed before year end? Use the next couple of days to clean up any of those open tasks from 2015 so that you can start the year fresh. New projects start much more quickly when unburdened with baggage and leftover work from prior initiatives. With fewer interruptions this week, you have the opportunity to maximize your "flow" and get into the groove to knock those tasks out one by one. Cleaning your inbox down to zero can actually happen with a lower volume of incoming messages. Whatever hangs over your head, knock it out to start 2016 fresh.


On Friday, I talked about taking some time to invest in yourself. If you were wondering when you might find time to watch a few videos or browse one of those books, this might be your window. If you've cleaned your plate of prior work, you may have a peaceful lull before the next influx begins. Fill that time by filling your brain with outside thoughts and ideas that can help you think differently into the next challenge in the new year.

Reflect and Plan

I always found the last week of the year most useful for planning for the upcoming one. Look at the previous year and honestly reflect on what you have accomplished. Write as much of it down. Then look at the next year and what you need and want to accomplish. Is it reasonable considering what you did last year? Is it pushing yourself just a little to do more than last year? Once you have your list of goals and what you want to accomplish, set intermediate steps to get there. What can you do in six months? Three months? What will you get done Monday morning? Write it all down.


Don't overlook the need to recharge the batteries. This week should be a low pressure week from external forces. Don't put internal pressure on yourself to ruin that. Every now and then you need to allow yourself to breathe. Down weeks provide the perfect opening to inhale deeply and relax, even if just for a minute. Rest in the fact that you will accomplish quite a bit this week. Then get back to it.

Next week is a whole new year. Get ready!