Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Takeaways

So the Super Bowl ended in a way that no one predicted before the game, with a Denver victory. The betting line on the game favored Carolina by 5.5 points, and yet they lost by more than that. You could make it a sob story about the 17-2 Carolina team who had their hearts ripped out, or you could make it a survival story about the Denver Broncos, a poetic 200th win for Peyton Manning, or whatever positive spin from a different perspective. Here are a few things you can take away from the game and apply in your world, whatever it may be.

Forget the Odds

Denver had literal odds stacked against them in Vegas. But when they took the field, all of that outside noise became irrelevant to their performance on the field. You will hear lots of noise, but the only thing that matters in the end  is your performance. So how are you going to work?

Appreciate Perspective

For Denver fans, last night created a reason to celebrate. For Carolina fans, they suffer with working their way through a defeat. For many others, Sunday just had great snacks and a few good commercials. Make sure when you are interacting with others that you appreciate the perspective that they are working with. It can shape completely different viewpoints on the same statements or discussions. Think about how "great game last night" might resonate with different audiences.

Get Help

To play to those that cared more about commercials and the halftime show, here's one for you. I thought (and there was discussion here that) Coldplay was a weird choice for the halftime show. However, they roped in Beyonce, who has performed at the Superbowl before, and they grabbed Bruno Mars to add some pop starpower to the performance. So think about where you are trying to do all the work yourself, when it would be better performed with a few close friends that could and would help you out.

Create Your Story

Peyton Manning may have written some of the final chapters of his story last night. If you had the opportunity to craft your legacy, your destiny, what would it be? But better yet, what are you doing right now to work on it?

What else did you get out of watching the game that's bigger than a single sporting event?