Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't Bring It With You

It is incredibly easy to let stress in one area of your life cause problems in others. The person who comes home from a long day at the office only to take it out on the family has become a bit of a cliche even in popular culture. But the street runs both ways, and to successfully navigate the various areas of your life, it is important to separate stress from activity.
Here are some thoughts on how to handle stressful situations:

Acknowledge the Stressor
In order to appropriately separate interests and keep one stress from bleeding over, it is important to acknowledge what is causing the stress in the first place. Are you under a lot of pressure at work? Having financial problems at home? The first step is to acknowledge what is causing the pressure so you can appropriately categorize it.

Isolate the Stressor
You might call this the "lock it in a box" method. If something at work is stressing you out, leave it at work. Know that is the issue and do not allow it to affect your mood at home. If you are stressed at home, start your day at work fresh and set a focus for yourself.

Talk it Out
Sometimes it helps to just chat about it, perhaps with a spouse or close friend. Talking through the stress can help you to deal with it appropriately. It also offers an opportunity for someone to commiserate or help you avoid triggers that could start mixing worlds.

Focus and Deal
Regardless of what is causing your stress, you have to work through the issue head on. When it is appropriate, you must take action to eliminate the stressor where you can, and reduce its impact on your mood where it is immovable. Dealing with stress is a challenge that faces everyone, but bringing it with you wherever you go only serves to impact your home life and your performance at the office. In the meantime, leave it where you found it until you have time and ability to address it.

Photo credit: Antranias on Pixabay