Monday, June 15, 2015

What To Do When There's No Boss, the giant online shoe store recently jumped headlong into an experiment called Holacracy, wherein all management and titles were abolished. Can you imagine that? A world with no hierarchies.

The actual results that Zappos is receiving, though, is mixed. Rather than some overnight miracle turning Zappos into an innovative Silicon-Valley-startup type of culture, it is taking time. All radical things do.

So with any major transformation of a company, it will take time. Part of that is changing cultures. Part of it is adaptation to new roles. Part is determining whether or not the employees are willing to participate or not. Maybe the philosophy works, maybe it doesn't. It is always easier to test out theories of management and style in an incubator or startup as opposed to a huge entrenched company. But only time will tell.

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Photo credit: fbhk via Pixabay