Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Death to the Autoresponder

Last week I wrote about the different challenges that I learned about through use of a Twitter autoresponder that I had been sending to each of my new followers. It proved to be an interesting experience, but on Friday, I decided ro remove that autoresponder on Friday, though, based on a couple of responses I got Thursday and Friday. One misinterpreted my question as some sort of a sales pitch (I'm not really selling anything - yet) and the other one somehow didn't get my autoresponder joke that accompanied the autoresponder.

I still got a ton more positive responses than negative, but I decided to end the experiment anyway. After all, I had already done the read out on the results, and I knew I was only getting feedback on a small percentage of followers. On the contrary, risking offending or irritating someone immediately before they had a chance to interact with me was something I determined was not worth it over something like an autoresponder question.

So I put a bullet in it and now just offer simple thanks for following. If someone reaches out, I'll take it a step further and interact.

I also realized in the meantime that lengthy autoresponders bother me as well.

What about you? Do you ignore autoresponders? Hate them? Love some witticism buried therein? Drop me a line if you like and let me know.